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Dentures Overview

Custom dentures can be a great choice if you want to replace several missing teeth. Dentures can restore your smile and help you eat and speak with more confidence. At Radiant Dental Care, our dentist, Dr. William Shattuck, can create partial, full, or immediate removable dentures for residents in Haslet, TX and surrounding areas. Full dentures replace your entire lower arch, upper arch, or both, as opposed to partial dentures, which use your remaining teeth as support. Immediate dentures are an option for patients who do not want to be without teeth while they wait for conventional dentures to be created. They allow you to walk out of your appointment with dentures the same day; however, they will likely need to be adjusted as your gums and bones heal, and you may eventually need to be fitted for conventional dentures. Dr. Shattuck can help you determine whether partial, full, or immediate dentures fit your goals and then have them custom made to look beautiful. Make an appointment at Radiant Dental Care to get more information about removable dentures.

Best Candidates for Mouth Guards

You could be a good candidate for removable dentures if you are missing most or all of your teeth, but your gums and jawbone are still healthy. If you have natural teeth, they can either be removed if you want a full denture or you can keep them as support for a partial. We offer both metal and metal-free partials. Metal-free is a great option for you if you felt your previous metal partials were too heavy or they wouldn't stay in place, or if you have a metal allergy or want to avoid metal exposure. At your initial consultation with Dr. Shattuck, he will assess your oral health and explain your choices to fit your budget and needs.

What To Expect with Dentures

Dr. Shattuck has learned how to craft beautiful, natural-looking dentures from the best prosthodontists. He takes a meticulous approach to ensure the absolute best end results.

If you opt for full conventional dentures, your first appointment will consist of a consultation to discuss your options. If you have had dentures before, Dr. Shattuck will talk to you about what you did and didn’t like about them, and models will be made of your previous dentures as well as of your oral cavity. If you have not had dentures before, Dr. Shattuck may perform or schedule an extraction of any remaining teeth.

At your second appointment, Dr. Shattuck will take more measurements to determine the perfect tooth height, width, and shape and smile size for your face shape. He will also determine shade matching at this point. If you’ve had an extraction at your previous appointment, he will take a model of your oral cavity at this time.

Your third appointment will likely by a try-in of the dentures with only the front teeth in place, and you will be able to observe as he makes necessary adjustments.

At your next appointment, you will have a full try-in. Dr. Shattuck will double check the tooth height and size, as well as the evenness of your bite, to make sure your dentures are as comfortable and functional as possible.

Once your dentures are finalized and perfected, you will be able to come in and receive your brand new smile.

If you are opting for immediate dentures, your initial evaluation will include radiographs being taken of your mouth and a consultation with Dr. Shattuck to decide whether immediate dentures are right for you.

At your second appointment, a model of your teeth will be taken to craft your dentures. Dr. Shattuck will discuss shade matching, face shape, tooth size, and more with you to ensure you receive the most natural look and feel with your new dentures. Dr. Shattuck may also perform preliminary surgery at this appointment, which is the extraction of the back teeth.

At your third appointment, your remaining teeth will be extracted, and you will receive your completed immediate denture to wear home that same day. As your gums and bones heal over the next several weeks, your immediate denture will likely need to be adjusted and relined to ensure a close fit.

If a partial denture is determined to be the best solution for your oral healthcare needs, Dr. Shattuck provides both implant-supported and removable options. Using either Valplast or cast metal, he produces beautiful, natural-looking results.

Dentures Follow-Up

It may require time before your dentures feel natural; however, it should become easier to speak and eat normally. If the dentures feel loose, come back to Radiant Dental Care to get your dentures re-fitted. You will need to clean your dentures with a toothbrush two times daily. At night or whenever you take out your dentures, they need to be soaked to prevent them from drying out. You should continue to attend cleanings and exams at Radiant Dental Care so Dr. Shattuck can examine the fit and wear of your dentures and the overall health of your mouth. He will discuss when your dentures need to be replaced or repaired; however, with ideal treatment, your custom dentures can last for several years.

Dentures Insurance Coverage

If you are using insurance, some of the expenses of your custom dentures will usually be paid for. We will talk to your dental insurance to understand your benefits and personal costs. At your initial consultation with Dr. Shattuck, he will develop your treatment so your dentures match your budget and needs. For help making your dentures affordable with or without dental insurance, Radiant Dental Care takes several payment methods, including payment plans and third-party financing.

Removable Dentures

Reclaim your ability to speak and eat with confidence. With beautiful custom dentures, not only will you regain proper function of your teeth and mouth, but you'll love your new smile. Dr. Shattuck is happy to be able to offer custom removable partial, full, and immediate dentures for his patients in Haslet, TX. Get more information on how custom dentures can restore your oral health by making an appointment at Radiant Dental Care.

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