Radiant Dental - New Patient Testimonial

One of our AWESOME patients was kind enough to sit down and discuss her new patient experience at our office. We are truly blessed to have the best patients in the world and feel privileged to serve them every day at Radiant Dental Care in Haslet, TX!


Well, I wanted to find a dentist office that was located within the Haslet community, and when I searched Google and Facebook, I found this office. It was rated a 4.8, which was great news for me. I definitely want a doctor and a hygienist that is a familiar with me, and I want to have it state-of-the-art, and I want to come to a place where the people know my name. I have found that here at this office.

You guys are doing everything great. I can't complain. I was a first-time patient who came in with my children. I was absolutely sold. My children were sold. The customer service was great. The ladies on the front end, they were great, friendly, knowledgeable with the insurance. The hygienist and the doctor, the staff as a total package deal did a terrific job.

You guys are perfect. Right now, you're rated five stars, so it's kind of like no room for improvement. In fact, I have referred my friends and my family. My mom's scheduled today. I have referred them because this is a place where I would like my family to come, knowing that they're going to have excellent care, and they're going to be entrusted into good hands, and that they're going to get the treatments that are needed.