Old Silver Filling Leads to Heavy Decay

Procedure Details

A patient in her early 30's presented to Dr. Shattuck's office in Haslet, TX with sensitivity and discomfort on the upper left side of her mouth. Dr. Shattuck performed a brief exam which revealed an older silver filling which had fractured, allowing bacteria to leak into and out of her tooth. Dr. Shattuck treatment planned a tooth colored composite resin filling and removed the old silver filling using high volume suction and local isolation of the tooth. Once removed, the extent of decay was revealed which showed significant damage to and bacterial invasion of the tooth. After removal of the decay and bacteria, mild silver staining remain behind. Dr. Shattuck completed treatment by placing a chairside direct bonded resin composite, giving his patient a natural looking restoration.

Replacing Silver Fillings

Silver fillings, commonly known as amalgam fillings often lead to fractured teeth, recurrent decay, leakage of bacteria into the tooth and a myriad of other complications.  This occurs because they are not bonded to the tooth and every time a patient bites down, there are small micromechanical shifts that take place as the patient chews.  Over time this shifting leads to gaps forming between the filling and the tooth as well as tooth fractures.

At Radiant Dental Care in Haslet, TX Dr. Shattuck regularly removes these older restorations and replaces them with bonded tooth colored restorations that are stronger and do no lead to the same long term problems associated with silver fillings.  With years of experience, Dr. Shattuck knows how to remove these older fillings safely, minimizing trauma to the tooth, and preserving your tooth's natural strength and beauty.


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