Repair of a Sports Injury

Procedure Details

A teenage patient came to see Dr. William Shattuck after experiencing trauma to the mouth during softball practice. After an examination and radiographs Dr. Shattuck was able to determine that the injury was superficial and all that was needed was to repair the chip to the enamel that occurred. Dr. Shattuck performed custom shade matching and mixed a custom tooth color for this patient's tooth before bonding and applying the special shaded resin composite. The patient was put on a soft food diet and followed up with Dr. Shattuck to ensure the tooth healed properly. It is much less costly to prevent an injury than treat an injury. To prevent sports related injuries, Dr. Shattuck and his staff at Radiant Dental Care fabricate custom fitted athletic mouthguards. These are recommended for all competitive athletes in semi and full contact sports from baseball and softball to football, wrestling, hockey, powerlifting, and basketball. Custom fabricated mouthpieces also have the added benefit of improving performance, stabilizing neck muscles, and reducing the severity of CTE inducing injuries like concussions. If you have a competitive athlete in the family and want to ensure you keep them safe while improving their on field performance, talk to Dr. Shattuck or his staff at Radiant Dental Care about you how a custom fabricated athletic mouth piece can help them.

Repair of a Sports Injury

D.r. William Shattuck in Haslet, TX is prepared if a member of your family experiences a dental injury.  In this case, the injury was superficial and after repairing the tooth with a resin bonded composite, the patient left feeling happy and confident again in her smile.  


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